Nomder Yoga Cuba Retreat Fully Complies With The New Rules For Travel To Cuba

NomderYoga travels to Cuba for restoration, rejuvenation and to support the Cuban people despite the travel rule changes.

I personally traveled to Cuba in December 2016 and led a group that exceeded the old rules in anticipation of the new administration. Based on my discussions with Cuba travel experts and according to the following excerpt from the Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) CUBA FAQ Sheet:

Will group travel to Cuba still be authorized?

Group travel to Cuba is authorized in accordance with U S Law and Executive Orders.

NomderYoga develops an itinerary that is in compliance with U S Law.

For the current information on sanctions regarding travel to Cuba, please visit:

This makes the price you are paying an even more extraordinary value that you will not find anywhere. I encourage you to research this and send me your testimony.

NomderYoga Retreat participants will still take commercial flights to Havana and I encourage you to book your flights so that you arrive in Havana, Cuba  between 11AM – 2 PM.

At no additional cost to you, NomderYoga will provide the following services:

  1. Review and administration of full-time schedule of educational activities for NomderYoga retreat.
  2. Provide a full-time tour leader accompanying every group on excursions.
  3. Maintain Record keeping for five years on behalf of each NomderYoga Retreat participant.
  4. Provide Travel certification for each NomderYoga participant.
  5. Respond to NomderYoga participant questions about legal issues and logistics.
  6. Coordinate with NomderYoga for bookings, payments, and processing for each participant as needed.
  7. Provide optional assistance and booking additional travel services after the retreat if needed.