Sierra Leone



What did Dr. Stephen Sengbe Redmon do in Sierra Leone in November & December 2020?





Great question!  I prayerfully listened to the Holy Spirit and here are just a few blessings included:

  • Started a daily running program in Hamilton village & provided running shoes and equipment to all participants
  • Donated school supplies to local Sengbe Pieh elementary school (Hamilton village)
  • Led daily daily zoom wellness program
  • Weekly fitness program on Lumley Beach
  • Provided seed funds & school supplies to start an elementary school in a small village named Junhun
  • Did a national training briefing for top Sierra Leone Police
  • Initiated purchase of beachfront property in the Black Johnson area for future development of a health & wellness retreat center
  • Completed application for dual citizenship
  • Discussed historical/sociological research projects with Dr. J. D. Ali (Chairman of History Department at Forah Bay College)
  • Ceremonially honored as a paramount chief in Telu, Bongor (Chiefdom where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1980-81)
  • Attended two Muslim/Christian funerals
  • Attended three church services at Jordan West African Methodist Church in Freetown
  • Spent 5 days at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary Eco-resort
  • Sponsored ten Sierra Leonean men ages 10-40 for a 4 hour nature hike with a Ranger Guide through protected national forests
  • Listened to the Holy Spirit by being in the right place at right time with the right protective equipment to use CPR to revive and save the life of a man named Muhammed Bah who was struck down by a truck. I visited the hospital treating Mr. Bah daily for 7 days and made appropriate donations to ensure that he received the urgent and proper care he needed.


Most importantly, I proactively and mindfully served others and strengthened relationships with Sierra Leoneans for ongoing collaboration.


This is a partial list of the miracles and blessings over the last 40 days in Sierra Leone. I look forward to the May 2021 service retreat to Sierra Leone.

All praise be to God.